Jen Rhee
Visual Designer

About Jen


Hi. I’m Jen. I’m a Graphic Designer in San Francisco.

You may not meet a lot of Designers like me.

I am a passionate self-taught Designer who comes from 10 years of marketing for a wide range of brands like Pinterest, Udemy, and Johnson & Johnson. The combination of my marketing and design backgrounds allow me to operate as a one-woman show.

I know how to ask the right questions to ensure that every design is solving a real problem. I understand the strategy and thought that goes behind a simple yet powerful creative brief. I have the technical know-how to dig into audience insights and pull results so that I have numbers to report back on every project. I am so passionate about design and believe in its power to not only tell compelling stories but to also drive meaningful business results. I believe in bringing curiosity, passion and empathy to every design I create.

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