Jen Rhee
Visual Designer

Virginia's 2019 Elections


Larry Barnett for Virginia House of Delegates 27th District

Background: In 2017, as a first-time candidate, Larry Barnett lost the race to flip Virginia’s 27th House district by only *128 votes* and he’s back in 2019 to finish the job. His opponent is the same as last cycle, a well-funded GOP incumbent who voted against Medicaid expansion and funding for abortion clinics. Virginia’s entire legislature is up for reelection in 2019, and Democrats have a real shot at winning a majority and making sure that the state doesn’t have a bunch of Republican-drawn districts. The biggest challenge was to craft compelling messaging while iterating very quickly to achieve results with a small budget. Larry’s campaign represents a bright future forward, calling out the exact issues that Virginians care about and that he stands for. 

Result: I’ve helped Larry gather more support and increased awareness in Virginia.